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Holistic Wellness Community Partners

Individuals listed on this page have agreed to partner with BTC and offer special non-profit rates. These are our community partners; not directly employed by BTC. Services listed on this page are not billable to, or covered by insurance benefits. If you wish to schedule with one of our community partners, please reach out to the BTC office and we will put you in contact with the provider. Billing and scheduling for services listed below, will be done through individual community partners, not BTC. 

Your unicorn helps you activate the desires of your soul and expand your levels of enlightenment to reach your ascension pathway.

If anything, the title Unicorn most fits Sunni Gail Shafer Perkins. She  seeks most to bring those around her into a deep sacred Union with self, soul, and the very cosmos delivering their experience.
Understanding energy , frequency, and vibrational study as medicine, as well as , the way we as humans relate and attract/repel our experiences has been her nerdy study of passion for as long as she can remember. And that has brought to her the mastering of such modalities as yoga, Reiki, Angel/tarot card readings ,intuitive counsel, mediumship, and touch as a healing art form. 
Recently , given the title of Mica (spirit doctor and medicine woman)to her tribe and the Dauphine of LOVE to the Love campaign, she finds herself easily connecting those beings around her to higher realms of experience, purpose driven living, and an absolute joy for the day.


Cost per service

These services are not billable to insurance and are strictly out of pocket expenses,

1 hour session - $100 / individual(sliding scale offered)

30 min session - $50/ individual

Private group session (2-4) 1 hour  - $35 per person

MONTHLY GROUPS - various topics chosen by Sunni. Great way to dip your toe into the experience.

$10.00 per group 

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hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

specializes in intuitive mentoring, spiritual counseling, energetic activations & therapies, storytelling, and sacred artistry.  Providing guidance and support during sessions, she offers take home tools to assist seekers on their individual journeys, allowing for accountability and self paced holistic healing.

Sunny Hope Robichaux embodies what it means to be creatively alive, thriving amidst peace and chaos alike, she leads by example and shines wherever she places herself.

Sunny Hope’s journey led her from fast food, veterinary care and retail to higher education and wellness.  She is an advocate for natural holistic wellness.  An ordained Minister and Medicine Woman specializing in intuitive mentoring, sacred artistry, Reiki, Soul Link and so much more.

She is the founder of LeeSans Studios (2011), honoring her parents through her creative processes, sessions, workshops/retreats and The Random Happy Foundation (2004), which focuses on sparking happiness through random acts of kindness and tokens of Love.

Sunny Hope Is the Historian & Events Coordinator for Black Wolf Society, Lady Unicorn and The NOLA Love Campaign.


Cost for services 

1 hour session - $100/ individual (sliding scale offered)


30 min session - $50/ individualPrivate group session (2-4)


1 hour  - $35 per personMONTHLY


GROUPS - various topics chosen by Sunny Hope. Great way to dip your toe into the experience.$10.00 per group



Sunny Hope,
alternative healing practitioner & medicine woman

Sunni Gail Shafer,

alternative healing practitioner

and medicine woman 

Yoga, Coaching, Setting Intentions, Reiki, Energy Work, and more

Nutrition and HEALTH COACH Services

Julie Jean Warren ,

Nutrition and Fitness


Hello! My name is Julie, I’ve been in the sports/fitness world for as long as I can remember. I graduated in 2000 with a degree in biology and kinesiology. I have been certified for personal training through the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2002. I have also many years under my belt as a Pilates, Yoga, Spin, Body Pump, and aerobics instructor. For 3 years I competed on the national level for the NPC (national physique committee) as a figure competitor. Most recently I am a Level 2 CrossFit instructor and I own and operate a training studio in Slidell, La.


The most important part of my journey in health and fitness was my own. In 2008 after having 2 children, I found myself 100 lbs overweight. The struggle of that journey taught me more about setting and reaching goals than any class or certification ever had. By the start of 2009 I was 100 lbs less and had a much better understanding of what goes into fitness and health. Fitness is not always about losing weight or what is seen on a scale. Fitness is different and unique for every person.

Danielle Kifer, Holistic Nutrition Coaching 

 I help people restore energy, happiness, and wellness without sacrificing time, family and money.   

I am a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition
Consultant that approaches these perspectives as a person who western medicine said wasn’t sick.   But was suffering symptoms associated with level 1 & level  2 autoimmune disorders. Also was suffering from anxiety, depression, food sensitivity, and hormonal imbalances. 
I am human like you.

My absolute mission is to help people fighting with autoimmune disorders and mental health issues regain their power through proper nutrition and gut health.   
With proper weight management and a gut health protocol,  the struggle of being out of
balance on this planet earth become more manageable. 

My all natural systematic approach has been developed over the years in dealing with my own experience and failures coupled with the experience of a diverse clientele, formal education, and constant research. I will help you dial in and achieve your health goals while delivering a tool set that will allow you to become and remain 'Independently Healthy'.
Whether you need to lose 100 pounds, have an autoimmune disorders or you are striving to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you; I look to be a valued resource for your betterment.
"Food is medicine" - Danielle


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