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Elise Johns, PhD, LPC-S, NCC, Founder  

(Baronne Office Location)


Katherine Cantwell, MEd., LPC, NCC 

"You are a whole person. 


But it's hard to feel whole when the parts of you no one else can see seem broken. Like a weighted cloud, it can impede your ability to show up for yourself and others. 


Perhaps it stems from a lack of confidence, a past heartbreak, a lingering trauma, or maybe you're unable to name it. Whatever the cause, you might feel defeated, lost, or alone.


But you're not alone, and you have it within you to move forward.


As a licensed counselor, my ultimate goal is to help you find and venture through that healing path. 


My first step is to create a warm, welcoming, safe space. Then, utilizing a holistic approach, I'll attend to the "whole" you through relationship building, empowerment focus, and goal guiding.


But being "whole" means being your whole unique self. That means using techniques specifically crafted for you—including coping skills, communication boundary setting, conflict resolution, and stress management.


With experience in crisis abatement, along with my theoretical background in both feminist and person-centered theory, we'll look at the systems, patterns, or societal constraints that could be keeping you stuck.


My experience uniquely positions me to work with adults and teenagers as young as 15.


There's never been a better time to seek therapy. Making the first step comes with some vulnerability. Just know that you don't have to take that first step alone. 


I'm ready and eager to alleviate your burden and help you move forward."


Monica Matuska, MS, LMFT


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida and Louisiana. I am trained in looking at the whole puzzle, not just one piece to fully understand you and the part you play in your life. I have experience working with individuals, couples and groups who have symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, relationship issues, substance use and parenting problems. My experience is varied and I have provided group therapy along with individual therapy in home settings, schools, agencies and non-profits. 

My therapeutic style is warm and open. I utilize Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy along with Mindfulness to build awareness with my clients. I encourage my clients to always ask questions to clarify so we are on the same page and understand each other. I believe the relationship between a therapist and client is very important because it predicts our success in working together. I don't shy away from using humor in session and want you to feel at ease and yourself when we work together. My main goal when we first meet/talk is to build a relationship with you that is unbiased, collaborative and beneficial for your mental health. 

I am always amazed by people that attend therapy because I know what it is like to open up to someone new and share you personal thoughts and feelings. I look forward to working towards your emotional/mental goals and being a small part of your journey to help you move forward.


Lindsey Jennings MA, PLPC, NCC, 


"Let’s grow through what you go through."

A graduate of Nicholls State University and a Nationally Certified Counselor, I have background with at risk youth & families in generational trauma as well as crisis intervention. Additionally, I have had extensive skill with developmental disabilities and their support systems as well as a variety of social service practices.

I view therapy as seeing an individual's strengths and providing acceptance and support to create empathy and harmony in the therapeutic relationship for your goals to be reached while meeting you where you are in the process.

I am here to help you and/or yours by encouraging you to come as you are to benefit from your personal growth and development.”

J. Owens headshot.jpeg

Justin Owens, PLPC 


I see counseling as a growth oriented-alliance between the counselor and the client. Space is created for the client to explore and become aware of their lifestyles( individual’s goal of behavior) while developing the courage to practice new behaviors & challenge mistaken beliefs.  I focus on clients across the lifespan and the issues that inhibit them from living fulfilling lives. I approach counseling from an Adlerian perspective, a growth-oriented model that views clients as discouraged, using the skill of encouragement to promote therapeutic change. Adlerian therapists believe that clients are creative problem solvers that can construct their realities and, in doing so, have the capacity to change or reconstruct these realities. Through encouragement and insight, clients can overcome their presenting issues.

It is essential to create spaces where you, the client, can explore your entire self with freedom and creativity. I like to remind my clients that you are the experts of your lives, and so therapy for me is viewed as a collaborative process in which we will work together to explore varying ways to work through your presenting issues. My experience as a teacher helps me better understand adolescent concerns while also working with adult clients. Together, we will work towards new strategies to help you better adjust and respond to life’s natural challenges & stressors.  Let's work towards meeting your therapy needs today so that you can experience life to its fullest.


Michael J. Miller, LCSW


Build a Better Version of Me (and We)


What if you became aware that you were stuck in old habits that hold you back and were motivated to create new patterns that better serve your current life?


Learn to identify your own needs and how to communicate assertively in personal and professional relationships.


Practice living in the present now by letting go of the past and accepting lack of control over future outcomes.


Explore how to relate to significant others and family members with kindness and effectively collaborate on solutions as a team.


My special interests include applied mindfulness through martial arts, mind body practice, and spiritual psychology. 


***Video conferencing options and weekend hours available with advance notice.***


Kathryn Leachman, LPC

(Baronne Office Location)

Life is full of bumps and hardships. It is part of the human experience. I believe counseling provides a meaningful exploration of your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being in order for you to navigate these issues with more self-awareness and capability. I view counseling as a process in which you, the client, and I, the counselor, establish rapport and trust one another in order to explore the self, come together as a team to examine presenting problems, develop solutions together, and work towards achieving goals to create wellness and improve your overall quality of life. I provide a counseling space free of judgment. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger management, self-. esteem, grief and loss, PTSD, trauma, social issues, and issues related to sexual orientation. I have experience working with clients across the lifespan with a particular interest in children and adolescents. I approach counseling from a integrative approach that includes cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness training. I address dysfunctional thoughts and self-destructive behaviors as they may be interconnected and assist you in focusing on specific problems

and strategies to address those issues.


Monique Jones, LPC, NCC

(Baronne Office Location)

 Therapy can be scary, as well as intimidating for people. Allow me to provide you therapy in a judgement free, comfortable, and safe space. Everyone is a unique individual, and we will collaborate together to first develop a trusting relationship, and then exploring and addressing your individual needs. 


I have experience with adolescents, and adults in individual and family therapy that deal with the challenges of life daily. These include depression, anxiety, oppositional defiance, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship problems and trauma. 


I approach therapy from a Cognitive Behavioral framework, but I also incorporate other forms of therapy to meet the needs of the individual. 


Jennifer Keith, PLPC

What would your life look like if you could snap your fingers and everything could change?  What if your relationships with loved ones had less conflict?  What if your stress levels were more manageable?  Whether this is your first time in counseling or you’re searching for a new therapist that’s a “good fit,” I can help in tackling those questions.  

Here’s a quick snapshot of what our experience will look like together:  I use an existential lens in therapy, which means that I enjoy teaming up with a client to explore the patterns of their life.  Your life patterns are unique, and your counseling experience should reflect that.  Want to use Star Wars as a framework for your life goals?  On it.  Want to create a personalized ritual to cope with trauma?  Let’s do it.  I can also introduce you to an individualized technique I created that will soon be published.  I respect your identity, your culture, and your individual needs.  We will check in regularly to ensure that our combined work is assisting you with making the best possible life choices.  I’m eager to take a holistic journey with you to address the varied needs in your life.  

NOtt Headshot 2018.jpg

In Memory of: Natasha Ott, LCSW 

March 2020

Natasha was a beautiful, kind, and compassionate therapist that we had the privilege of working with. She brought an amazing energy to all of those around her. To honor her memory as a clinician, and all of the beauty that she put into the world; her clinical profile will be left up so that we may still have the benefit of her words. 


I believe that therapy is an opportunity for people to heal and transform their lives to be more in line with who they want to be. Whether that is to recover from mental illness, stabilize crises, or increase coping skills and self-care. In both my professional and personal life, I have seen the value of therapy to help draw people out of dark times in their lives to illuminate paths of hope to lead them to the other side of whatever issue is challenging them. My work with clients is grounded in the present moment, positive engagement, is client directed, and often employs a clinical tool box of interventions that draws from Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Behavioral therapeutic orientations.I work with clients to create a safe and accepting space to explore the complex relationships the client has with his or herself, their environment, and their past to help navigate future growth and goal fulfillment.I have worked as a Clinical Social Worker for 6 years in both New Orleans and San Francisco and worked with a wide variety of diverse clients across different race, cultures, sexuality, genders, and socioeconomic spectrums. I’ve worked with clients on issues such as, mood disorders, severe mental illness, addiction, parenting, environmental and cultural stress, adjustment disorder, trauma, domestic violence, chronic illness, relationships, self-esteem, burnout, and coping with stress.